1700 Automatic (A) and Manual (M)

Feeding System

Input Hopper Capacity 250 plates ( 0.4mm) Variable Dimensions.
Output Hopper Capacity 250 plates- side eject or FIFO Elevator in 1700A (Manual in 1700M
Plates Dimensions Width/mm  Min 30 - Max 115
Height/mm Min 20 - Max 90
Thickness/mm  From .04 to .09
Processing Drum 60/90 Characters and 45 Characters for Special Application
Embossing Area 15 Fields with Max 42 Characters. (15 Characters for Dog Tag)               Up to 65mm from the top edge of   the plate leaving 4mm at the bottom.     Measurements are defined       from    the base of the character.
Types Standard Simplex2, Embossing or Indenting


Communication interface Serial Port RS232
Protocols Xon-Xoff,CIM Xon-Xoff,Pound-Pound,MultiEmbosser.

Memory and Data

Storable Formats 7 with Formatted Downloading
Data Format 15 Fields with Name, Fixed Data, Counters, Generation and Control of Check Digit.
Software PC application Proprietary Software
Self Diagnostic, Automatic Repitition of Plate Personalisation, Clearable
and Non-Clearable Counters.  Automatic Data Field, Plate Archive, DBIII
file Compatibility.
Display and Security LCD display for diagnostics and Set up Procedures. Back Up Lithium
Battery.  Security Operation with a Keyed Lock.

Available Options

Output Hopper: Side Eject or Elevator.
                        Simplex1, Simplex 3,OCR B1, Block, Block USA, Double Block, Double Long Block,
                Maxi Block, and Negative Embossing (For Dog Tags). Special Characters in Expanded Drum.
Special Plate Feeders:  For Non Standard Plates or Larger Sizes

Misc Information

Physical Dimensions:  24 inches Wide, 26.5 inches Deep, 12  inches Tall      Weight:  48kg

Electrical Requirements: 110 V / 60 Hz.

Power Consumption :  800 Watt.


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